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Ginja | Fado | 500 ml

Try Lisbon in a bottle with this Ginja, a fruity and elegant liqueur created by an exclusive recipe. The story goes that Ginginha arrived in Portugal in the XV century, being brought to life by the hands of monks for medicinal purposes; later on, it was democratized and gained fame around sailors, poets and fadistas. Currently, it is one of the official drinks of Lisbon, ready to savor at any occasion.

This a thematic bottle that celebrates Fado, sung in the taverns and in the typical neighborhoods, giving voice to the people and to the streets, framing the emotions of Saudade, nostalgia and Portuguese Soul.

Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of sour cherry | 500 ml | 20% alcohol

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Weight1.200 kg

Ginja Lisboa

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